Offers at the Atlas Bar in Deansgate, Manchester


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Hi James

I just wanted to say massive THANK YOU to you and your team at Atlas on behalf of everyone who attended the Christmas Party last night from Reed!

We've had amazing comments coming in about the party and everyone really enjoyed it. It exceeded our expectations and was perfect - a great Christmas atmosphere full of good cheer!

The snow terrace, food, drink, personalised playlist and attentive staff were all spot on and helped to make the night unique. I'm sure you'll have lots of Reed customers coming back to Atlas in the future- to see your staff's 'Proud Mary ' dance routine again if nothing else :-)

Thank you again and please pass this message on to your team!



Rachel, Reed Global

How on earth I've missed this little gem out is beyond me. Sometimes something staring you so obviously in the face can be overlooked. This has certainly been the case with Atlas, with me anyway.  So many times I have just walked on by. Today however a lunch meeting brought my attentions to the specials on the board. I found myself in a pickle placing the bar. It was cosy yet formal, a fine mix of all things I like about a bar like this. I love the cosy nature of the Metropolitan, yet I also admire the chique uber cool nature of the Obsidians of this world. This it seems is a fine mix of these two pet loves of mine. Whats more my spicy bean burger was delish, and the home made thick cut chips were delightful. The service to top it off was friendly and the staff were extremely pleasant and attentative. I will definitely be bookmarking this place for a meet place with some friends. It has a rich history and has been around for donkeys years, not that it matters too much of course, the place is smoking. I loved it.



Rana M