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£10 bottles of Borsao! Expires on: 2016-11-30

Enjoy a delicious bottle of Borsao Macabeo 2012 or Rosado 2011 for just £10! For a limited time only.


Did someone say wine o'clock?



GIN OF THE WEEK Expires on: 2016-12-02

Gin of the Week:  Brockmans


Brockmans gin comes from a group of very experienced and devoted friends. What brought them all together was an enduring fascination with this exciting and exotic spirit. Their combined knowledge of gin history, and the subtle nuances of different styles of gin and distillation proved invaluable as they set out to create a gin that was completely new and original. The one aim was to create a gin Like No Other; one that was so intensely smooth and delicious you would happily drink it neat over ice.

Honing the intricate balance of botanicals took time as they explored the vast array of complex flavours and taste combinations. It was a jointly funded passion where quality was never sacrificed and the finest botanicals were sourced from around the world.
The naturally grown aromatic botanicals used are steeped in pure grain spirit for many hours to release their oils and aromas. Thereafter, Brockmans is distilled in a 100 year old traditional copper still, where the heart of the gin distillation is captured. The distinctive gin notes and the aroma of coriander married with the softer notes of blueberry and blackberry help deliver an exquisite new taste experience and an intensely smooth gin. Hundreds of different recipes were tried before they arrived at the sensual, intensely smooth Brockmans taste experience.




With a collection of now over 310 gins if this isnt for you we definitely have a gin for everyone here at Atlas.


HISTORY OF GIN BOARD Expires on: 2016-11-30

Why not get lost in the history of Gin, whilst experimenting with taste and learning new things along the way.


Exclusive to us at Atlas you can now enjoy our History of Gin Board for only £25. 4 gins, 2 tonics and as much history and gin chat you can handle.


We will see you there! 




SOUP & SANDWICH Expires on: 2016-11-30

Chef's hearty soup and a choice of sandwiches.. just £7..

No more sad supermarket sandwiches! Enjoy this deal any lunchtime...