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GIN OF THE WEEK Expires on: 2017-09-21

Gin of the Week:  MONKEY 47

Monkey 47's name comes from the story of Wing Commander Monty Collins of the Royal Air Force, who after the end of the war became involved in rebuilding Berlin zoo and later, in honour of one of the zoo's monkeys, named his country guesthouse 'The Wild Monkey'.

It was there that he developed his Black Forest gin, whose recipe was found in a time capsule-like box named 'Max the Monkey - Schwarzwald Dry Gin' at the turn of the century.

From Germany comes this unusual yet enticing gin. Containing 47 different botanicals from the Black Forest in Germany, one of which is interestingly cranberries, and bottled at 47%, Monkey 47 will a gin you won't forget. 

Enjoy with tonic and either a grapefruit or lime garnish. 


£5.50 (single measure) with tonic.


COCKTAIL OF THE WEEK Expires on: 2017-09-21

Cocktail of the Week: RHUBARB GIN FIZZ


This week's Cocktail of the Week includes one of our most popular gins, Warner Edwards Victoria Rhubarb. 

Popular with the bar staff here at Atlas after our visit to the distillery in Northampton in the Summer of 2016. 

Our staff learnt a lot about the distillation of the gin and the creation of the bottles during our visit to the distillery.

For this cocktail the Victoria Rhubarb Gin is shaken with lemon juice, grated ginger and sugar syrup.

The mix is then enjoyed neat, topped with prosecco. 




HISTORY OF GIN BOARD Expires on: 2017-12-31

Why not get lost in the history of Gin, whilst experimenting with taste and learning new things along the way.


Exclusive to us at Atlas you can now enjoy our History of Gin Board for only £25. 4 gins, 2 tonics and as much history and gin chat you can handle.


We will see you there! 




SOUP & SANDWICH Expires on: 2017-12-31

Chef's hearty soup and a choice of sandwiches.. just £7..

No more sad supermarket sandwiches! Enjoy this deal any lunchtime...