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GIN OF THE WEEK Expires on: 2018-01-04

Gin of the Week:  BROCKMANS

What can we say?

Team Atlas, love Brockmans!

One of our original gins, this really is very special.

Brockmans aim was to create a gin, like no other; one so intensely smooth and delicious, you would happily drink it neat, over ice.

Naturally grown, aromatic botanicals, are steeped in pure grain spirit, for many hours, to release their oils and aromas.

These include: Tuscan juniper berries, north European Blueberries and Blackberries, Indo China cassia bark, Chinese liquorice, lemon peel, coriander, angelica, orange peel, almond, and orris root.

Thereafter, distilled in a 100 year old copper still, the coriander marries with softer notes of blueberry and blackberry. This definitely delivers a smooth, distinctive gin.

For the perfect G&T enjoy with a premium tonic, blueberries and a twist of pink grapefruit.

Here, at Atlas, we love it with Blackberries, too!

£4.50 (single measure) with tonic



GIN-UARY SALE!! Expires on: 2018-01-31

Throughout the whole of January, we will be having a Gin-uary sale with our slowest selling gins available to buy half price for the month! 

You'll have to be quick though as once these gins are gone they are gone! 


COCKTAIL OF THE WEEK Expires on: 2018-01-04

Cocktail of the Week: GORDON'S PINK SLING

Gordon’s Pink Gin has been very popular in our bar since its Summer release so we felt it was about time we created a cocktail featuring the spirit.

We’ve gone for a twist on the classic Gin Sling (or Singapore Sling) recipe. Gordon’s Pink Gin is mixed with Chambord to accentuate the berry goodness in the gin.

A healthy handful of grapes are then muddled into the Boston shaker to add a lingering freshness to the flavour. Half a lemon is also squeezed in to sharpen up the sweet flavour we are left with.

This mix is then shaken with ice and fine strained into a sling glass filled with crushed ice and topped with a dash of soda water.

The results is sweet, tart and very, VERY pink!


HISTORY OF GIN BOARD Expires on: 2018-12-31

Why not get lost in the history of Gin, whilst experimenting with taste and learning new things along the way.


Exclusive to us at Atlas you can now enjoy our History of Gin Board for only £25. 4 gins, 2 tonics and as much history and gin chat you can handle.


We will see you there! 




SOUP & SANDWICH Expires on: 2018-12-31

Chef's hearty soup and a choice of sandwiches.. just £7..

No more sad supermarket sandwiches! Enjoy this deal any lunchtime...