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Gin of the Week: HUNTERS GIN Expires on: 2018-03-22

If you ask one of our managers, Eddison, or Edi as he’s fondly known, Hunters is, hands down his favourite gin!

We all have a soft spot for the gin, and the people who produce Hunters. One of our first ever Gin of the Week’s, and always up in our Top 20 gins, every month!

This in itself speaks volumes.

A single batch distilled, London Dry, that includes a unique blend of citrus botanicals and apples, sourced from the company founder’s own orchards, and also the Norton Priory Gardens, in the very heart of Cheshire.

The exact recipe is a closely guarded secret, but along with the apples and citrus, including sweet oranges and lemons, we know that juniper and coriander seeds, are used.

Based on a 300 year old recipe, a neutral spirit is heated in a still, along with the botanicals.

The vapour distillation method places Hunters among the top division of branded world renowned gins.

Whilst a local brand, the gin is distilled at the Langleys distillery, like many other quality gin brands.

Fabulous in a G&T with Double Dutch tonic and a lime garnish.

For one week only at £4 with tonic!

Normal Price: £6

Cocktail of the Week: Hunting Apples Expires on: 2018-03-22

This week’s Cocktail of the Week combines a few different ingredients with the current Gin of the Week: Hunters Gin.

First we mix Hunters with Cherry Brandy and Cherry syrup. Added to this is a healthy splash of Apple juice. Half a lemon is then squeezed in to sharpen up the sweetness. This is all shook, with ice, and strained over cubed ice, topped with crushed ice and soda water.




Four Pillars Paddle Expires on: 2018-03-31

Enjoy our Four Pillars Paddle for only £10, during the month of March. 

Our Paddle includes Four Pillars Gin, Shiraz Gin and Navy Strength Gin, served with your choice of FeverTree Mediterranean or Indian Tonic Water.

Normal Price £14

Takeaway Barista served coffee for only £1 Expires on: 2018-12-31

If you purchase a recyclable Atlas Coffee Cup, for £5, your first coffee is on us, and every coffee after this, at any time, to Takeaway in your cup, will be only £1!

An amazing offer for Premium, own-blend, freshly ground coffee and you will be helping us to do our bit to #SavethePlanet

HISTORY OF GIN BOARD Expires on: 2018-12-31

Why not get lost in the history of Gin, whilst experimenting with taste and learning new things along the way.


Exclusive to us at Atlas you can now enjoy our History of Gin Board for only £25. 4 gins, 2 tonics and as much history and gin chat you can handle.


We will see you there! 




SOUP & SANDWICH Expires on: 2018-12-31

Chef's hearty soup and a choice of sandwiches.. just £7..

No more sad supermarket sandwiches! Enjoy this deal any lunchtime...


Enjoyed your gin here at Atlas, then why not buy a more unusual bottle of gin for a gift or to enjoy at home?

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