Atlas Bar Deansgate Top Ten Gins

Our Top Ten Gins....


Ever wondered what our biggest sellers were?

We have! So we thought we'd share our biggest sellers in February 2017!

Is your favourite in our Top Ten?






In the 1920’s, the prohibition-era United States, the term Bathtub gin was used to refer to the poor-quality alcohol that was being made. As gin was the predominant drink in the 1920s, many variations were created by mixing cheap grain alcohol with water and flavourings and other ingredients like juniper berry juice. The preferred bottle of choice was too tall to be topped off with water from a sink so instead were filled from the tap of the bathtub. In addition, larger quantities were being made, enough to supply commercial users, but it had to be small enough to go unnoticed by the police. The common metal bathtub in use at the time would have been ideal as would have been a ceramic bathtub.

This gin is hugely popular with our customers due to the refreshing citrus notes within. Regularly one of our best sellers. Makes it to number 10 for February.







In ninth place is Bobby's and is quickly becoming an Atlas favourite.

Bobby’s comes from a company that is based in Schiedam, the original home of gin, where the famous genever is still made today. This is a gin rich in history - and there is plenty of juniper throughout!

Bobby's is a unique blend of Indonesian spice and traditional botanical that works wonderfully with all of our tonics. 1724 tonic and a wedge of pink grapefruit is a must!




Just missing out on 7th place is Forest.

Forest Gin comes from what is possibly the smallest distillery in the UK. This is a truly family company producing a hand-crafted product from the finest ingredients possible.

Harriet Bond leads foraging missions into Macclesfield Forest in the Peak District, where she selects various wild berries, leaves, moss and other botanicals. These are then distilled by her parents Karl & Lindsay with Organic "traditional" gin botanicals, before being blended with Peak District spring water.
The Gin is distilled just once, and is unfiltered, so is classed as a Super-Premium London Dry.

The resulting Gin is then poured into small batches of 75 beautiful hand printed ceramic bottles. Keeping everything in such small batches means that Forest Gin has an unbeatable flavour profile which is very Juniper led, before softening on the palette to reveal the flavours of the Forest.





Slingsby Rhubarb has made it to 7th place this month.

Slingsby are a Harrogate based business, who themselves say that they ''think differently.''

This gin is named after William Slingsby, who in 1571, discovered the unique properties of the spring water from Tewit Well in Harrogate.

Pure and natural, hand-grown, local botanicals, are used to make this gin. Infact, seventeen, of the twenty four botanicals are local to Harrogate and the surrounding area.

Twelve of these come from the garden, of a local hotel, Rudding Park.

The green tea and jasmine elements come from the famous local business Taylors.

The still used in Harrogate is over 100 years old, and Slingsby partner prior to this stage, with the Langleys Distillery, near Birmingham.

The addition of rhubarb, to the Slingsby London Dry gin, creates a true flavoured gin, although this is a limited edition.

When it's gone, it's gone!

Beautiful with tonic and a grapefruit garnish.






Hendricks gin a brand of gin produced by William Grant & Sons in Scotland. It’s made in small batches using an original 19th Century Gin still. Hendricks is made using the highest quality neutral grain spirit, eleven different botanicals, rose petals and most unusually cucumber. The gin is packaged into in a small Victorian apothecary style bottle with a cork stopper. No other Gin is made like it and that’s why it’s known for its distinctive taste and its upmarket appeal! It's also names after the gardener who tended to their rose garden. 




Brockmans is a beautifully made gin that can be enjoyed neat over ice as well as with tonic or ginger ale. Will Brockmans climb up to the top spot next month?

Add 1724 for the perfect summer G&T!





Just missing out of a spot in the top 3 we have Ormskirk Gin. 

Ormskirk Gin is a true craft gin produced by hand in very small batches.  It was conceived and designed by local gin enthusiasts who worked with a nearby craft distillery to produce a premium gin featuring a local botanical.   Given the history of gingerbread making in Ormskirk, it is no surprise that ginger is a key botanical.

The gin is citrus led with aromatic floral tones, ginger gives it a wonderful mellow, slightly spicy finish.  

Ormskirk Gin is entirely distilled using the vapor extraction method in small batches of less than 20 bottles per distillation.






An extremely fruity liqueur handmade in the heart of Scotland by infusing their award-winning Edinburgh Gin with mixture of juicy Perthshire Raspberries and cane sugar. Could Edinburgh Raspberry climb a little higher and make it to the top spot next month now Spring is here?





In 2nd place this month is Glenwyvis.

The brainchild of the local Flying Farmer, this limited edition gin launched in summer 2015 and is the first from the new Dingwall distillery now under construction. The distillery name is an amalgam of former distilleries in the area - Glenskiach and Ben Wyvis. As 'skiach' means 'hawthorn' in Gaelic, this is the key botanical. The team aims to have the strongest green credentials for a distillery in Scotland; they currently deliver their gin by electric car.

Mark and Elaine went to visit the Glenwyvis distillery in February which is still under construction, definitely one for a visit when it is up and running! 







The top spot this month goes to Bulldog!

Inspired by the British ''Bulldog'' Winston Churchill, this is a truly British gin.

Anshuman Vohra created this gin, somewhat inspired by his travels with his globe trotting, diplomat, father.

Infused with a distictive blend of twelve botanicals which include lotus leaves, lavender, dragon fly and of course, juniper, Bulldog is quadruple distilled.

Finest british grain is triple distilled and the transformation happens in the fourth.

The perfect serve is with a premium tonic and a grapefruit and lemon twist.

For a warming G&T, enjoy with tonic, star anise and cloves.

A truly stunning gin and deserving winner of the top spot!